About us

Welcome to NQC !                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


NQC Technology Corporation is firmly establised in 2008, is an experienced distributor of products from the world’s leading brands and having a wide network of customers, which helps NQC become a professional supplier, consultant of telecommunication & industrial equipment and bridge manufacturers with customers.

With our well-trained key staff, we are committed to bringing our customers the best solutions and the best-qualified equipment.

Our main products, solutions and service:


SCADA Information:

  • SONET SDH STM / 1/4/16 Optical Transmission Equipment
  • PCM 30 device and lease line modems (V24 modems, Telenetics Raymar, DMM-4DC ..)
  • SCADA / EMS equipment
  • RTU / Gateway equipment
  • ICS / SCADA security device
  • Teleprotection equipment, protection relay (distance protection, offset protection)
  • PABX Switchboard
  • Public Address (PA system)
  • Sirens systems
  • CCTV system in factory
  • VHF / UHF system
  • OPGW / ADSS optical cable and optical accessories 


  • Measurement of optical signal transmission
  • Test protocol and communications in Telecommunications
  • Measurement of microwave and radio equipment
  • Testing of telecommunications equipment
  • Optical transmission equipment, PDH, SDH (STM1 / 4/16/64)
  • Telecommunications power source system, optical cable (Fig.8, ADSS, OPGW ..), fiber optic cable, optical accessories, Accu ...
  • FTTx and AON network solutions (FTTx and AON network solutions)
  • Railway signal transmission solution
  • Network Security Solutions & Equipment


  • Mining solutions and equipment
  • Precision mechanical / mechanical processing equipment
  • Solutions and information equipment, signal transmission
  • Environmental monitoring and monitoring equipment

Survelliance Systems (CCTV):

  • RFID
  • Camera survelliance 
  • Video Conference

Service :

  • Installation, testing and adjustment of communications equipment, telecommunications
  • Installation, adjustment of SCADA system, relay system
  • Installation of telecommunication equipment, construction of light electrical equipment, LAN, RFID, CCTV ...
  • Testing the telecommunications network, Industrial testing

Our Values

NQC Corp is committed to:

  • Understanding customer needs to ensure we meet all their requirements.
  • Optimising the effectiveness of our processes and supply-chain.
  • Excellence in reliability and product quality.
  • Developing leading edge technology and innovative intergrator 
  • Responsive to change and continuous improvement.
  • Respecting the culture and values of our employees and business partners.
  • Compliance to all legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Preventing pollution and continuously improving our environmental sustainability.

NQC Corp achieves ISO 9001:2008