SCADA monitoring for Oil & Gas

SCADA monitoring for Oil & Gas

Oil and gas drilling rigs are typically deployed in remote areas and are dispersed over hundreds and thousands of square miles, connected by transmission pipes.

This type of deployment exposes the network to many types of cyber attacks such as Man in the Middle, physical attacks and more.

Thus, the capability to control, monitor and inspect the various parameters of the controllers and sensors in the rigs and along the pipes, from remote control center, is vital for oil and gas operators.

In addition, many drilling rig sites have limited wireline connectivity, requiring the use of cellular connectivity as their main access method or as a backup.

SCADA Solutions for oil and gas operations

The Radiflow 3180 secure router is ideally suited for deployment in remote oil and gas sites:

  • Designed for installation in harsh and hazardous environment
  • Per-user validation of SCADA behavior, using a perport DPI firewall
  • IPsec VPN for inter-site secure connectivity (to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks)
  • Identity management for authorizing technicians to access devices and applications
  • ERP (Ethernet Ring Protection) for fast resiliency over fiber/copper Ethernet ring
  • Integrated dual cellular modem for redundant connectivity
  • Support for Ethernet and Serial interfaces for moderns and legacy devices, including protocol gatewayfunctionality and PoE+ support for integrated CCTV traffic