Secure communication networks supporting automation in transportation application

Secure communication networks supporting automation in transportation application

 Modern Transportation operators optimize their services using intelligent automation applications along railways, highways and metro tunnels.

This is accomplished by deploying high speed Ethernet infrastructure along the transportation routes connecting CCTV cameras and remote automation devices for traffic status and control, toll booths, information display and more.

SCADA Solutions for water systems


The Radiflow 3180 secure gateway are uniquely positioned for deployment along railways, highways and metro tunnels:

  • Ruggedized switch designed for installation in harsh environments
  • Support G.8032 Ethernet Ring with sub-50 mSec switchover time
  • Delivers extensive Security capabilities including SCADA Firewall and IPsec VPN
  • Supports Ethernet and Serial interface to connect new and legacy devices
  • Support PoE to power CCTV cameras and save extra costs
  • Support IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol for clocking

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